Export Services

Procurement, Sourcing & Export

SHAMS can on your behalf source / purchase any product. We can manage your company’s inventory & deliver end-to-end services, including but not limited to: warehousing, assembly, kitting, processing, packaging order fulfillment, distribution, transportation and export management.

Managing vendors and orders can be a daunting task when you factor in varying languages, cultures, time zones and distance. Our Supplier management service can provide you with essential components to enable successful international commerce. Acting as your eyes and ears in India we bridge time zones, cultures, distance and languages to help create a seamless supply chain.

Our experience spans across products, including raw materials, spare parts,plastic, mental, agricultural produce, consumer goods, packaged food, sea food, apparel, footwear, stones & handicrafts.

SHAMS combines supply chain acumen with deep knowledge of industry-specific procurement practices and suppliers in India. We help our clients balance opportunity & risk as they evaluate, rationalize and optimize their supplier ecosystems.
We can manage your sourcing tenders & coordinate the transaction at every stage in the supply chain, ensuring quality.

As your strategic sourcing services provider, SHAMS brings advantages to your in-house teams, We provide you access to a wide pool of category-specific experts, along with the assurance of road-tested, smooth-running processes and the efficiency of powerful technology. We enable best-value sourcing which allows you to focus on core strategic activities.

We manage your supplier, item, order and shipment details to help ensure what you order is what you receive. We can track events and milestones, report progress and exceptions, and alert you when action is required while providing detailed in-transit inventory visibility to the purchase order, item, size, color, and/or quantity level.

We manage & monitor your documents to ensure accuracy and track your shipments progress.

Is your supplier in India requesting for payment in INR ? is your supplier not enabled for export ? or an artisan not registered for trade ? SHAMS can buy the products from your supplier(s) on your behalf and export these products to you.
Incredibly helpful if you are buying handicrafts or other village produces from India.


We offer a full spectrum of services to support your trade requirements. We take pride in delivering value-added services by collaborating with our clients to source/ distribute products in India.
SHAMS offers flexible support, international expertise and local knowledge to make sure your business runs smoothly.


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planning your BUSINESS Trip to India?

Allow us to help plan your itinerary to meet suppliers/ distributors in INDIA

planning your BUSINESS Trip to India?

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